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“A total kickass Renaissance woman”

~ Pound for Pound


Joanna Brouk
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Joanna Brouk

The Journey

There is a wonderful story about a man whose goal is to climb a mountain. The journey is full of peaks and valleys. Sometimes he stumbles and falls; other times the mountain rises up to greet him. Finally, after years of perseverance, he reaches the top. Exhausted, yet exhilarated, he looks over the side. But, rather than discovering his mastery of the universe, he sees nothing but an abyss. Stunned that this might be all there is, he is momentarily frozen … when a voice behind him whispers, “Jump.”

Well, that about sums it up for me. Lately, my life is about jumping off cliffs into the unknown.

Now for the practical summary of all those years of … what? Climbing the mountain. Here goes …


Joanna Brouk is a composer, playwright, and author who has written and produced thousands of hours of programs for theater, museums, Internet, television, and radio. At UC Berkeley, she studied creative writing and her interests led her to exploring the underlying sounds of words and their effects on the emotions and health. At nearby Mills College, she was involved in one of the first electronic music studios where she began to record crickets, frogs, dolphins, whales, bees and the hum of the ocean, interweaving them with voice, flutes, drones, strings and symphonies. Her numerous  awards include grants from the National Endowment of the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, California Historical Society, National Public Radio Satellite Fund, California Arts Commission, Carlsbad Neighborhood Arts, and Hearst Foundation.

Joanna Brouk at her Yamaha synthesizer and grand piano
Joanna Brouk at her Yamaha synthesizer and grand piano
As a composer, Joanna Brouk is considered a pioneer in the field of electronic and New Age music. She  has six albums to her credit: Healing Music, Healing Touch, Golden Swan, Sounds of the Sea, The Space Between (Hummingbird Productions). Her most recent release  Hearing Music (Numero Uno Records) is creating a buzz both in the US and abroad (see  more in Music and Music Reviews).  As a result, she will be touring Europe this spring, giving a concert in Nantes, France, and in New York this summer.  

Brouk’s symphonic composition, Lalinia Electra, was performed by the Bay Area Philharmonic to critical acclaim. Her original Holy Saturday Mass was performed at the Oakland Cathedral to such a large crowd that speakers extended the broadcast to an overflow crowd in the outdoor square.

See Music, for more about Joanna’s background as a composer.

Joanna is author of the upcoming eBook series,  Lost Eros Saga, which includes Lost Lovers of Atlantis, Royal Rogues, Dragon’s Daughter, and The Ancients Loved Sex: Behind the Veil.

Joanna Brouk sitting in the Queen of Hearts throne at rehearsal for "Who Put the Bad in Carlsbad?"
Joanna Brouk sitting in the Queen of Hearts throne at rehearsal for the hugely successful Who Put the Bad in Carlsbad?
Joanna Brouk is a playwright who has written original stage productions of Who Put the Bad in Carlsbad? Bella A Capella,  Around the World, The  Musical, and Flora in the Garden.

A long time producer for Pacifica and NPR, her programs include Happy Birthday Chopin and award winners: Mozart’s Sisters;  The Oral Arts Project, which documented the oral traditions of Southwestern Indians; The History of Women in California (radio and museum); and, the highly acclaimed twelve week Great Women Series. From that series,  Harriet Tubman: Walking to Freedom and  Margaret Chase Smith: A Woman of Courage were purchased by AVC Jabberwocky for middle school distribution. The radio program, Ida Wells, Crusader for Justice, about the early 20th Century Civil Rights leader, evolved into a teleplay. 

Her former positions include Executive Producer for KQED-FM in San Francisco; Producer for National Public Radio (NPR) and Pacifica; Program Director of KPFA in Berkeley, California; and Assistant General Manager at KSCI, Channel 18 in Los Angeles, California.

Her poetry appears in A House of Doors and her articles have appeared in the Del Mar Village Voice, Carmel Valley News, and the Rancho Santa Fe Review, in which she had her own byline writing monthly cover stories about leading San Diego citizens.

Joanna Brouk has produced two CDs of Frederic Chopin’s music: Roy Eaton: Meditative Chopin, and wrote the accompanying booklet on Chopin’s life, Frederic Chopin, Music from the Heart (Hummingbird Productions) and an illustrated children’s book, Young Chopin

As former Manager of GTE/Verizon’s 14 customer care websites, she rose to the forefront as a producer of Internet content. In 2000, Microquest Corporation named Ms. Brouk a Top 50 Internet Guru and she was a much requested keynote speaker at numerous Internet conferences.

Brouk grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Creative Writing and Electronic Music, and received her Master’s Degree in Electronic Music at Mills College.

Joanna’s passions are writing, meditation/enlightenment, music, and theater.

Her writing projects have taken her to India, Israel, France, Belgium, Italy, Egypt, Mexico and Europe. She lives in Carlsbad, California where she has served as Vice President of the Friends of the Arts, and on the Board of Directors of the Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors. She works for both the La Jolla Playhouse and San Diego Opera.

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