Joanna Brouk, pioneer in electronic and New Age Music  talks about the inspiration for her music. Recorded for her 2017 concert tour.

Dragon’s Daughter

Dragon’s Daughter  is Book 3 in The Lost Eros Saga.

In 700 AD, barbarians are sweeping over Gaul. Driven by an overwhelming desire for blood, their unstoppable urge is to destroy. These savages devastate cultures in a period aptly named the Dark Ages. 

No one can stop them.

No one… except one girl.

“My name is Melisande.  I am the destroyer.”

  Joanna Brouk’s Dragon’s Daughter.  Pitch Video created by Brouk Peters on Vimeo.

Credits: Hanna; Snow White and the Huntsman; Kingdom of Heaven; Silent Hill Revelation; The Dordogne, France: Lascaux’s Prehistoric Cave Paintings; Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers; Robin Hood; Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves; Hunger Games; King Arthur; National Geographic’ Golden Eagle v. Hare; Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2; The Last of the Mohicans; Prince of Persia. Music Credits: The Last of the Mohicans; Danny Cocke – World Collapsing.

Author’s Note: Using film clips, Joanna Brouk created a pitch video of the book. She claims no ownership of the music or clips.